Coming soon to Steam for PC!

Game Overview

Friendly Fire is a competitive 1 v 1 FPS shooter, where you play against your friend in a custom match-made room, with your own game settings, or pre-defined ones. The game takes a comedic spin on the classical FPS approach, and is designed to be fun and entertaining. You play as either Sam or Vince against your friend, who both have seperate weapon preferences, and are technically playing against eachother in a simulation. So your playing a game about two characters playing a game about fighting eachother in small arena-like maps to prove who is better, but I think we all already know the answer ;) Lee is there too. Lee is the "Announcer".

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Developer Updates

Friendly Fire Team

The Dev Team

The Development Team is our current ongoing team, working on building the actual game at the moment. They work on actually make the functionality and overall content of the game, in a fun and playable/fully complete state.
Dibbie Knight Lead Developer
Becca Assistant-Programmer
Morten 3D General & Environment Artist
"Ham" 3D Technical & Weapons Artist
UI Artist [Recruitment Open]
Background/2D Environment Artist [Recruitment Open]

The Production Team

The Production Team are members who will be joining the development later on, and helping with various roles that help polish the overall presentation, visuals and "experience" of the game. They are not yet current members of development.
Senthos Music Producer
Emmet Lead SFX Engineer
Otherwise Known Lead Audio Engineer & Music Producer
Otherwise Known - Affiliates Singers and content creators, associated with Otherwise Known
Chel Rial Voice of Sam
Tommarazzi Voice of Vince
Natalie G Voice of The Announcer 1
Matt Lotti Voice of The Announcer 2